How to Make a Beaded Christmas Stocking

How to Make a Beaded Christmas Stocking #beaded #embroidered #christmas #stocking #sewing #embroidery

Adorn your living room with magical shades of metallics for a truly special festive season, and have a go at this beautiful beaded Christmas stocking to match. Pick a range of bead sizes and shapes in one colour to add interest with different sizes and textures.

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1. We will start with the name, using a ruler as a guide to create a straight line for your working, take the pencil and write the chosen name lightly across the top of the stocking. 


2. The embroidery thread comes in strands, you need to separate the strands. We are using three strand for this embroidery. To separate, cut a working length (from your nose to the end of your arm is a good guide) and take a single strand and pull it up and out of the bunch – don’t be tempted to pull to the side, always up, otherwise your thread might get knotted. 


3. Make a double knot in the end of the three threads, thread your needle and pull your needle up through the pencil mark on your stocking. 

4. This bit might sound odd, but put your needle back into the hole you just came out of and bring it up along the pencil line about 5mm ahead.


BEFORE you pull it all the way through, wrap the thread around the back of the needle and carefully pull through. Metallic thread snags a little so take your time. 


5. Pull through all the way and you have made a chain stitch. 


6. Now continue following the pencil line, inserting the needle at the exit point and 5mm up each time, wrapping the thread around the back before pulling through. 


7. Once the name is finished, thread your tail through a few stitches at the back to secure. (Also do this to add new thread if you run out)


8. Now choose a place on the stocking to add a snowflake of beads. The design is completely up to you, start with a bead in the centre and work around it adding strands of beads at different angles – use the timings on a clock to place them (12, 3, 6, 9) then add some more beads inbetween if you like. 




9. Also add some random ‘droplets’ in places – to do this bring your thread up where you would like your droplet, thread a few beads on, then a small seed bead at the end. Thread back up the beads missing out the first seed bead and this will hold them all in place whilst allowing them to dangle freely. 


10. Finish off any threads at the back, under a bead by sewing through a few stitches to secure.


11. If you add a couple of snowflake designs and some droplets, your stocking should now look something like this. 


12. Now take your pencil and lightly draw curves to connect the snowflakes and go across the top of the droplets to bring the design together. 


13. Back to the metallic thread and chain stitch embroidery. Doing what you did with the name, chain stitch the pencil design. 


14. Continue until all the pencil lines have been covered. 


15. Next, add a thread to the top seam of one side of the stocking, and sew beads at 1cm intervals all the way around the seam. 


16. Finally add a beaded fringe around the top of the stocking. Attach some thread at one side, thread some beads and allow them to drape before finishing off the stitch. 


Add some droplets every now and then across the fringe as you did on the main stocking, by threading a few beads, adding a tiny one at the end and missing this bead out as you thread back up the remainder of the beads. 



How to Make a Beaded Christmas Stocking #beaded #embroidered #christmas #stocking #sewing #embroidery

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