How To Make A Battenberg Cushion

If you want a fun and easy project then this is perfect for you. Using James C Brett Icicle it creates a soft and cosy cushion with a touch of added sparkle.

How To Make A Battenberg Cushion

Skill Level: Easy

You Will Need


  • Ch- chain
  • Tr- treble
  • St- stitch
  • Sc- single crochet



How To Make A Battenberg Cushion

Batternberg squares – make 4 in yarn A and yarn B Using a 6mm crochet hook ch 25 sts. Skip first 2 sts, work  a tr into the third chain from the hook and continue to work trebles along the chain until the final chain. Ch 3, turn, miss first tr and then tr into each stitch until the end. Repeat last row until work measures 21cm Making up Arrange your squares into 2 groups of 4 so that pink sits next to yellow. Using your crochet hook sc along each inner edge to attach the squares together.   Cake edging Using 6mm crochet hook and yarn C work 10 ch. Skip first 2 sts, work a tr into the third ch from hook. Continue to work in trebles until the end of the ch Ch3, turn, miss first tr and then tr into each stitch until the end Repeat last row until edging fits all the way around the 4 joined squares.   With RS facing out and using Yarn C begin to attach the edging to the Battenberg center by working SC stitches along the edge. This will create a ridge around the edge of the cushion. Work until the edging has been secured around the entire Battenberg center. Work the other side of the edging onto the back of the cushion. Add the stuffing to the gap in the edging. When enough stuffing has been added, sc the final part of the edging together.  

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