How to Maintain a Sewing Machine

It’s really important to maintain your sewing machine by keeping the mechanism lint-free and the needles replaced regularly. Read below to find out how sewing expert Miss Libby Rose maintains her machines, and watch the video to see how it’s done!

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Bottom Loading Machine

1. You should change your needle after 8 – 10 hours of sewing, or whenever the needle is blunted or damaged.

2. To do this, unscrew the needle with your hand or a screwdriver, and replace with a new needle. The flat part of the needle should facing towards the back of the sewing machine. Tighten the screw up again tightly.

3. You should check your bobbin case and mechanism for lint at the same time.

4. This is done by sliding off the side of the machine and opening the bobbin mechanism. Remove the bobbin case by using the release lever, take out any bobbin, and use the provided brush to swipe away any lint.

5. You can also use this brush to remove lint from the bobbin mechanism, before returning the bobbin case into the machine.


Top Loading Machine

1. To clear the lint from a top loading machine, take the bobbin case cover off, take the bobbin case out, and use the brush to remove the lint.

2. To further clean the mechanism, unscrew the top plate and remove.

3. Use the brush again to clear any lint off of the mechanism.

3. To clean thoroughly, unscrew the plate using a screwdriver to access the internal mechanism.

4. Screw the plate back in and tighten the screws right up.

5. Place the bobbin case cover back on. All done!

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