How to Make Mini Felted Bunny Decorations

It’s so quick and easy to felt these adorable hanging rabbit decorations! Felt is a very malleable material, and one that is excellent for details. Take a look at the tutorial below, that will show you how it’s done from the fur to the tiny bows.

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1. Firstly, lay the natural wool roving onto the polystyrene body in the direction you want the fur lay. Poke in straight, downwards motions with the felting needle to adhere wool to shape. Keep going until all areas of that colour are covered, using small strips of roving at a time. Any gaps you can fill in as you go or afterwards!

Top Tip! Tidy up edges by cutting with scissors then felting over and under edges for a neat finish.

2. Roll two small black felt roving balls for eyes and secure in place using the felting needle.

3. Roll another ball using powder pink wool roving for the nose.

4. For the first bunny, use a mixture of green and yellow roving for the dress, felting tighter towards the top of the dress and looser at the bottom to mimic the natural flow of fabric.

5. Add two small wisps of roving in a bow shape under each ear.

7. For the second bunny, felt a bright pink dress with a powder pink cardigan over the top. Use small balls of blue roving for buttons, and add a small wisp of lighter pink to the dress as decoration.

8. Use a small wisp of pink roving to craft a small hairband for this rabbit.

Top Tip! If you’re not happy with how any part of the rabbit looks, lift off felt carefully with felting needle and simply do it again.

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