How to Make a Realistic Felted Bunny

You can achieve such realistic outcomes by using felt, just take this gorgeous realistic rabbit as an example! Read the tutorial below to find out some top technique tips – it’s all in the details. 

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1. Draw out guides for the fur pattern lightly in pencil on the polystyrene body. Start with the colour that will cover the largest part of the rabbit. Lay the roving onto the polystyrene body in the direction you want the fur lay. Poke in straight, downwards motions with the felting needle to adhere wool to shape. Keep going until all areas of that colour are covered, using small strips of roving at a time. Any gaps you can fill in as you go or afterwards!

Top Tip! Tidy up edges by cutting with scissors then felting over and under edges for a neat finish.

2. To make the inner ears, use the pink roving and felt into the inner of the ears on the polystyrene model. You could add a darker pink for shading.

6. To make the tail, roll a ball of felt roving to the desired size and felt into the back of the rabbit. Cover with more black wool to smooth and further attach the tail to the body.

7. Push the soft toy eyes into the polystyrene. Ring the eyes with a few strands of natural roving in an oval shape. Then, using a small piece of white, make the light reflection on each of his eyes.

8. Using the same fur colour, use strands of roving to outline the nose and mouth. Add the whiskers, and the rabbit is complete!

Top Tip! If you’re not happy with how any part of the rabbit looks, lift off felt carefully with felting needle and simply do it again.

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