How to Fabric Paint a Tote Bag

Looking for a way to spruce up a plain tote bag you’ve got lying around the house at home? Why not use fabric paint to give it a whole new lease of life, and create something completely unique and individual at the same time!

Fabric paints come in a wide selection of colours and finishes so you can be completely unrestrained with your design. You could even add buttons and decorative stitching with embroidery threads to highlight specific areas of your design.

Design by Suzie Shinseki courtesy of iLoveToCreate

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Freezer paper
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • Paintbrush – one inch flat
  • Foam plate or foil for palette
How to Make

1. Press tote to remove wrinkles.

2. Cut piece of freezer paper approximately the size of the tote.

Top Tip!…

3. Refer to photo and use pencil to very “roughly” sketch out large flower for basic outside and center shape.

4. Using fingers, carefully tear outside shape of flower to create a stencil. Fit the outer part of the flower cut out onto tote and use iron to press down.

5. Tear out center part of flower and place in center of already adhered flower stencil. Iron on center stencil piece.

6. Pour puddles of the Neon Orange paint and Neon Yellow paint onto foam plate.

7. Dip paintbrush into the Neon Orange and use wide strokes to paint open areas of flower but leaving a few streaks unpainted. Paint unpainted streaks with Neon Yellow. Let dry.

8. Remove center stencil. Use Neon Green paint to draw swirls in center of flower by squeezing directly from the bottle.

9. Use Neon Orange paint to add random streaks emerging from center of flower in petals. Let dry.

10. Use Poppin’ Purple to outline outside of flower.

11. Let dry.

How to Fabric Paint a Bright Flower Tote Bag #Tulip #FabricPaint #Upcycle

More Fabric Painted Tote Bag Inspiration

Tulip Slick fabric paint is really easy to use, and great for quick customisation projects. Start by drawing out your design lightly in pencil and then simply squeeze the paint out of the bottle and at the same time trace over the drawn design, then leave to dry.

Once dry it then leaves a three-Dimensional ‘puff’ effect, great for making your designs really stand out!

How to Fabric Paint a Tote Bag #FabricPaint #Customise #Personalise #FabricPaint

Fabric DylonHow to Fabric Paint a Tote Bag #FabricPaint #Customise #Personalise #FabricPaint

How to Fabric Paint a Tote Bag #fabric #painting #tote #diy

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How to Fabric Paint a Bright Flower Tote Bag #Tulip #FabricPaint #Upcycle

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How to Fabric Paint a Bright Flower Tote Bag #Tulip #FabricPaint #Upcycle

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