How to Draw Manga Chibi with ProMarkers

Discover how to use your promarkers with popular drawing style, manga. Manga chibi refers to ‘mini’ manga characters, and they’re perfect for beginners! Have a go with this step by step tutorial from Windsor and Newton.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. The word “Chibi” is derived from the Japanese word for “mini”. As the name suggests, Chibi is a mini version of a character, with cute baby-like proportions. Chibi characters have larger heads and shorter limbs.

chibi 1

2. The face layout also becomes more like a baby in the Chibi style. The eyes and ears are enlarged, while other parts are made smaller. Don’t forget to add meaty cheeks!

chibi 2

3. You can play with character poses and hair styles. Here, we will be drawing two characters. Make their hair voluminous and the girl’s skirt bouncy.

chibi 3

4. Start filling in the details. Add big twinkling eyes, frills on the girl’s clothing and headphones for the boy.

chibi 4

5. Carefully choosing only the necessary lines, trace over them with a liner. Use curvy lines for any soft areas and straight lines for hard areas.

chibi 5

6. For the girl’s eyes, use WALNUT and GREY GREEN, shading and blending them with the BLENDER. For the boy’s eyes, use TURQUOISE and MINT GREEN, and again blend them together. Don’t forget
to leave the catchlights in their eyes uncoloured. Use RUBY for their mouths.

chibi 6

7. Apply limited shading to the girl’s clothes using ORCHID and MAGENTA. Add different textured shading for the boy’s hair and the headphones’ metallic glow using GREY GREEN, TURQUOISE and

chibi 7

8. Blend COOL GREY1 and GREY GREEN together to make shadows underneath their bodies, which will create a 3D effect. Add in stars using ORCHID and COOL GREY1.

chibi 8

9. Warm up your characters’ skin using DUSKY PINK and apply shading to the girl’s hair using WALNUT. Finish your illustration by adding dashes of colour with vibrant EMERALD and MULBERRY.

chibi 9

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