How to do Pop Art Face Paint

How to do Pop Art Face Paint #pop #art #facepaint #halloween #costume #party #diy

Make your party pop with this amazing and original pop art face paint idea – perfect for a Halloween costume that no one will have thought of! 


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1. Dampen your sponge (I spray mine with water), and work up pale pink face paint until it is creamy (not sticky but not runny). Pat pink paint evenly all over the face with the sponge, re-loading or re-dampening sponge as needed. Make paint as neat around the eyes as you can.


2. Using a damp sponge, work up the red paint, slightly drier than the pink was. Tap the sponge on the back of your hand to check it isn’t too wet – it should dry in seconds. Use comic book pictures to copy, or try to see where the dark shadowy areas on the face would be. Press the dotty half-tone stencil against the skin in the first ‘shadow’ area. Take the loaded red sponge and press over the stencil, from 1 side to the other, trying not to move the stencil or go back over areas you had already tapped incase the face underneath has moved.

Remove the stencil and get ready to repeat this all on the next stencil area – you may need to it off on a damp facecloth. Make sure it is clean and dry before re-using.


3. Using a wet size 6 round brush, work the black paint until it is a nice dark liquid like single cream. Use the black paint to outline lips, face, cheekbones, eyes, eyebrows, hairline etc. Add some eyelashes, and add black lines where comic book faces have lines.


4. With a clean, wet size 6 round brush, add highlight lines above the black lines, on cheekbones, forehead, chin, nose etc. Fill in bottom lip with white and top with red.



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