How to Die Cut Fabric Flowers

How to Die Cut Fabric Flowers #DieCutting #Sizzix

This summer is full of weddings and babies for us – so I have a lot of gifts to make! And I think I’ve come up with a versatile idea that I can use several times by varying colours and details – and it’s quite quick to make – win, win I think!!

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You Will Need
How to Make

To Make the Cushion Cover

1. I first cut the main fabric into three pieces :

  • One 40 centimetre square for the front
  • Two 30 centimetres by 40 centimetres for the backs

For the Flowers I Cut

  • Two pieces 20 centimetres by 45 centimetres, and one 15 centimetre square from each of the pink and blue fabrics
  • Three pieces 20 centimetres by 45 centimetres and three pieces 25 centimetres by 15 centimetres from the bondaweb

To Make the Flowers

2. Fuse a 20 centimetre piece of hemming web to the wrong side of one of the 20 centimetre pieces of pink fabric, and then place this onto the other piece of pink, wrong sides together, and fuse to make the fabric double sided.

3. Repeat this with the two blue fabrics.

4. Then cut these fabrics into two ten centimetre by 45 centimetre pieces.

5. Fuse one piece of 25 centimetre by ten centimetre hemming web to each of the coloured fabrics (these are single sided) and cut these into two ten centimetre squares and one five centimetre by ten centimetres.

6. Cut the flowers using the Big Shot machine (or plus Machine) and the Tattered Florals die. Use the photo below as a guide for which flower is cut in which colour (small flowers are shown later.)

How to Die Cut Fabric Flowers #DieCutting #Sizzix

With the Single-sided Fabrics Cut

  • One each of the large flowers, and two small flowers in royal blue fabric
  • One each of the large flowers, and one small flower in light blue fabric
  • One large, one medium and one small flower in pink fabric

With the Double-sided Fabric Cut

  • Four each of the large flowers in royal blue
  • Eight of the daisy like flower in light blue
  • Four each of the daisy like flower and the medium flower in pink

To Assemble the Flowers on the Cushion Cover Front

7. Fuse the single sided large and medium flowers in place – using the main photo as a guide for position, and then stitch in place using photo above, as a guide.

8. Choose one of the double sided flowers and fold into four –

How to Die Cut Fabric Flowers #DieCutting #Sizzix

9. Stitch the four layers together, at the point. Repeat with each of the double sided flowers. Then stitch the folded flowers to the flowers on the cushion cover –

How to Die Cut Fabric Flowers #DieCutting #Sizzix

The finished cushion . . .

How to Die Cut Fabric Flowers #DieCutting #Sizzix

How to Die Cut Fabric Flowers #DieCutting #Sizzix

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