How to Decorate Mini Mache Pumpkins

Picked up some of our mini mache pumpkins but not sure how to use them? Here’s a few different designs you can decorate them with, that are all super simple!

How to Decorate Mini Mache Pumpkins

Skill Level: Beginner Time to Make: 15 minutes per pumpkin, plus drying time

You Will Need

Craft Essentials

How to Make

1. Start by prepping your workspace – lay down some newspaper so you don’t ruin your work surface! 2. Paint your pumpkins using either black or white acrylic paint as a base. 3. Decide what design you want on your pumpkin – some can be left just painted, such as white ones, to look like ghosts! 4. For glitter designs, draw your design on in glue – for example, spots or stripes – and then sprinkle glitter over the top of the design. 5. Leave to dry and then shake off the excess – you may need to use a fine, soft brush to dust off any stubborn bits of glitter! 6. For a fun display, load into a cloche! How to Decorate Mini Mache Pumpkins #halloween #mache #pumpkins #mini #easy #kids #craft #diy #glitter

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