How to Decorate an Insect Hotel

Sometimes it can be hard for wildlife to find safe hideaways and shelter, this is why bug hotels make wonderful homes for any kind of creepy crawly! Bug hotels can be easily set up and used all year round. It would make a wonderful addition to your garden or could make a great gift for someone who’s a keen gardener!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Get stuck into decorating your bug hotel by adding a splash of colour! Paint the thin logs using a range of craft acrylic paints, a small paintbrush and paint palette.

Top tip! You can paint more colours in a shorter space of time if you use several paintbrushes.

2. Paint the front of the bug hotel using a paintbrush and paint, then leave to dry. Create a consistent finish by applying a couple more coats of paint.

After painting the front part of the bug hotel; apply masking tape to the front and sides of the hotel. Paint the roof using another paintbrush and more paint.

Top tip! Use masking tape to stop paint from bleeding onto other surfaces.

3. Once the roof is completely dry, peel away the masking tape from the front and sides of the bug hotel and re-apply masking tape to the underside of the roof.

Paint the back and sides of the hotel and then leave to completely dry before applying extra coats.

Top tip! White paint doesn’t give the best coverage compared to other colours, try using a primer paint beforehand or apply extra coats of paint.

4. Apply masking tape 2.5cm above the bottom of the bug hotel on each side. Paint the exposed area using a paintbrush and paint. Remove masking tape once the paint is dry.


5. Apply a new piece of masking tape over the area you have just painted as well as roughly 1cm above that. Paint the exposed area in-between the two pieces of tape.


You now have a vibrant looking bug hotel ready for some creepy crawlies to move in!


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