How to Decorate a Train Cake

How to Decorate a Train Cake #Baking #SugarCraft

Have you caught the baking bug yet? I love baking cakes for people’s birthday’s but it can be tricky coming up with a design that doesn’t require the whole cake decorating isle to make it!

The below cake cleverly uses a set of three cloud cutters to not only create the fluffy white clouds in the sky, but also to make the trees and shrubs around the bases of both cakes. The cutters can also be used for countless other projects, from creating fluffy sheep to speech bubbles the possibilities are endless!

Imagery and text courtesy of FMM Sugarcraft

How to Decorate a Train Cake

Suitable for : Intermediates

You Will Need

How to Make

1. Add CMC/Tylose to fondant to make modeling paste. Dust your work surface with your Dab-a-Dust to prevent paste from sticking. Refer to Cloud cutter instructions on pack
for thickness and cutting. Attach decorations to cake with water.


1. Cut two clouds in different shades of green.

2. Overlap cloud two on cloud one.

3. Place the cutter for cloud two over the top of cloud two and cut in to cloud one below it. Remove any excess paste. Cloud one will now fit neatly in to cloud two like a jigsaw puzzle.

4. Continue this with your clouds until you have enough to cover the bottom tier of your cake in shrubs.

How to Decorate a Train Cake #Baking #SugarCraft


1. Cut out some blossom flowers.

2. Eject the blossoms on to your FMM Foam Former, roll small balls of white paste for the centres and secure in place.

How to Decorate a Train Cake #Baking #SugarCraft


1. Cut out your clouds from your white modeling paste.

How to Decorate a Train Cake #Baking #SugarCraft


1. Cut out an arch shape from the dark grey modeling paste. Roll out your light grey modeling paste to 4 millimetres thick and lay your stone wall impression mat on top.

2. Using the palm of your hand apply a firm amount of pressure on top.

3. Remove the mat and cut out strips of modeling paste with your knife tool. Attach to the edge of the rim of your tunnel.

How to Decorate a Train Cake #Baking #SugarCraft

Railway Track

1. Using your FMM Multi-Ribbon Cutter on the smallest setting. Cut out thin strips of beige paste and cut them to size with your knife tool to fit neatly around your cake on
the cake board.

2. Repeat this for the track rails using the grey modeling paste. Make the strips of modeling paste as long as possible.

How to Decorate a Train Cake #Baking #SugarCraft

Then add your train topper, this could be made from modelling paste, or alternatively a toy train could be used.

How to Decorate a Train Cake #Baking #SugarCraft

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