How to Decorate a Teepee

How to Decorate a Teepee #KidsCraft #Teepee

How to by Jenny Kearney from The Gingerbread House

With the Summer holidays just about to begin now is the time to get yourself garden ready with a gorgeous personalised teepee. Break out the feathers and paint and get all the family involved with this ready-to-decorate teepee . . .

Time to make: Two hours plus drying time

Suitable for : Beginners

You Will Need How to Make

1. Build your teepee using the canvas tepee, canvas rope and 5 wooden poles, and the instructions included.

2. We wanted to decorate the front of our teepee with hand prints in a rainbow of bright colours. We gave each child one side of the front panel each, and used a paint brush to apply the paint to their hands.

How to Decorate a Teepee #KidsCraft #Teepee

3. We decorated the tepee when it was standing up and placed a baking tray behind the canvas to ensure we could press their hands down firmly to apply the paint.

Top Top  !…You may find it easier to decorate one panel at a time by placing the teepee on the ground.

How to Decorate a Teepee #KidsCraft #Teepee

4. Between using each colour we washed their hands and then applied the next colour, until we had used six different colours to create a rainbow.

How to Decorate a Teepee #KidsCraft #Teepee
5. The remaining four panels we then decorated with fun mini beast stencils. We placed them around the bottom of each panel, two in the middle and one at the top, and used the same bright paints on each one.

How to Decorate a Teepee #KidsCraft #Teepee

Top Tip!…Why not add your children’s names and the date you decorated the teepee?

6. As well as the painted decorations we added a dipped glitter feather garland which was really fun to make. Simply place a piece of masking tape to mark the area/s you want to paint, and then add your glitter glue using a paintbrush. We used a coloured glitter glue which matched our coloured feathers and then sprinkled on some extra glitter.

How to Decorate a Teepee #KidsCraft #Teepee

7. Thread your feathers to make a garland or bunch up and tuck inside the canvas rope at the top of the teepee.

How to Decorate a Teepee #KidsCraft #Teepee

8. For the finishing touch, we added fun and colourful pom pom garlands to compete the festival at home look.

Now your teeppe is ready to be played in! Perfect for filling with cushions and curling up with a good picture book, an afternoon tea party or secret den – no grown ups allowed.

How to Decorate a Teepee #KidsCraft #Teepee

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