How to Decorate a Scandi Rocking Horse

This delicate and subtle wooden rocking horse brings an understated elegance to the room, perfect for those looking for a thought-out and put together look to their festive decoration this year. Read on to find out the perfect paints and brushes to use in order to create the finished piece!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. First, lay down a protective cover in an outside area, and use the sandpaper to sand down any lumps or bumps on the exterior of the rocking horse.

2. Brush off excess dust, and lay the horse on the protective cover. Shake white spray paint can thoroughly, following instructions on the side of the can. Spray in short bursts, around 20cm away from the horse. Alternatively, use the white acrylic paint and large artist loft paintbrushes to cover the horse in two layers of paint.

Top tip! When using spray paint, it is best to build up thin layers of paint to avoid drips and uneven coverage.

3. Once dry, use the smaller, softer brushes, to paint over the areas that you would like to be red. This horse has a red saddle, bridle, and harness. This will need at least two coats.

4. Once dry, use a clean smaller, soft brush, paint over the areas that you would like to be blue. This horse has a blue inner saddle cloth, and blue hooves. This will need at least two coats.

5. Once dry, use the silver paint pen to add highlights to the smaller details on the bridle, saddle, and harness.

Top tip! For a soft and subtle look, keep the base of the rocking horse and the eyes of the horse white.

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