How to Decopatch a Giraffe

How to Decopatch a Giraffe #mache #decopatch

Applying decorative papers onto a mache shape is one of the easiest ways to get started in decoupage if you’ve never tried it before. Simply cut your papers to the desired size and shape and stick them into place. Once dry you can then add a million and one different embellishments to jazz up your design, from stick on gems to glitter glue or even googley eyes.

How to Decopatch a Giraffe

Suitable for: Beginners

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Cut the Decopatch paper into pieces approximately two centimetres square.
  2. Generously spread glue onto the giraffe and use the paintbrush to pick up and position the paper squares.
  3. Cover with more glue if needed to fix the paper into position. Continue until the entire surface of the giraffe is covered and then leave to dry.

Top Tip!

For curved areas make small snips into the patch before applying for a neater finish.

How to Decopatch a Giraffe #giraffe #decopatch #decoupage

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