How to Customise with Molotow

How to Customise with Molotow #Molotow #Art

We all have that one nifty item that’s working fine and dandy, but it’s put aside for something just a little shinier or prettier. With new studies on the horizon or bright art projects on the cusp, never miss a moment to stand out.

Molotow markers are a versatile tool in painting – effectively a liquid paint in a pen, Molotow pens have a huge reputation with artists and crafters from all corners of the creative sphere, from street artists to fine arts. They are highly-pigmented and tend to boldly show up on almost all surfaces and colours. Every piece of these pens and paints can be personalised to suit your purpose, from the tip styles to the colour mixes.

I’ve owned a pair of chunky headphones that sound fantastic, but after 6 years, the detachable wire broke and had to be replaced with a blue one. (Whoops!) So why not change the colour of the headphones, too (and save some money on the side)?

So, let’s make some headphones new again with Molotow paint markers!

Suitable for : Intermediates

Time to Make : Four hours

You Will Need
How to Make

1. Start off with masking off the sponges for your ear covers and anything else that you don’t want to paint.

How to Customise with Molotow #Molotow #Art

2. Prime Your headphones with Molotow’s Signal White paint – don’t worry, you’ll be colouring it up later!

How to Customise with Molotow #Molotow #Art

Top Tip!…For extra-priming power, use a cloth to rub acetone over the top of the headphones before customising.

3. Draw up a few designs. I decided to go with some woodland critters. Try out a few combinations to see what works and note up any extra ideas.

4. Copy these drawings as best as you can onto the headphones.

How to Customise with Molotow #Molotow #Art

5. Shake and pump your markers until the paint starts to flow.

How to Customise with Molotow #Molotow #Art

6. Start off with the light colours first, rather than the darker lines. This helps with shading and shaping out!

How to Customise with Molotow #Molotow #Art

7. If any marks show through (like that little white patch on top!), run the marker over them again.

8. Now do the same with the darker features.

9. Let the headphones dry for at least 20 minutes (though this may take a little less time.)

10. Once surface-dry, run either a black marker or a paintbrush dabbed with black paint across the surface to make your characters ‘pop out’ of the background. It’s a great opportunity to add in those extra-fine details! Try to keep your hands as stable as possible, but if you goof-up, quickly cover up your mistake with the Molotow paints or run your marker over the top one more time.

How to Customise with Molotow #Molotow #Art

11. Let this dry for about 10 minutes before spraying over the top with matte or gloss varnish. This may require an hour to dry. Remember to always wear a spraying mask as the varnish may be harmful.

12. Rock those ‘phones!

How to Customise with Molotow #Molotow #Art

How to Customise with Molotow #Molotow #Art

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