How to Cross Stitch a Fathers Day Card

How to Cross Stitch a Fathers Day Card #dad #fathersday #crossstitch #diy

All you need to make a very special card for Father’s Day is a piece of fabric and a handful of threads. Go on, show him how much he means to you!

Made by Jenny Dixon.

How to Cross Stitch a Fathers Day Card

  • Time to make : Two evenings
  • Suitable for : Intermediate stitchers

You Will Need

Your basic stitching kit, plus…

How to Make

  1. Download your Father’s Day cross stitch chart and key.
  2. Fold your fabric in half in both directions to find the centre – this is where to start stitching. Start in the centre of the chart with the letter ‘A’ in ‘DAD’. Follow the chart for the colours to use and work all your cross stitch in two strands. If you are using linen fabric, you will need to make all your stitches over two threads.
  3. Cross stitch all the lettering and the border, then you’re ready to add the backstitch. This will make your letters and border edge stand out brilliantly.
  4. Now you can mount your stitching in a card. Trim the fabric so that it is about 1cm larger than your card aperture. Put strips of double-sided tape all around the inside of the aperture, then press this down on your stitching. Turn the whole thing over and fold the left-hand flap of the card and secure with more tape to conceal the back of your stitching.
  5. Add your message inside and enjoy presenting your beautiful handmade card to your dad!

Top Tip!

Our ‘Wonderful Dad’ design will look just as good stitched on 14HPI aida fabic. Just remember to make each cross stitch over one thread of the fabric rather than two.

How to Cross Stitch a Fathers Day Card #dad #fathersday #crossstitch #diy

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