How to Crochet Reusable Crochet Washing Accessories

This collection of reusable washcloths are inspired by the colours and shapes of Miami and bring a pop of colour to your bathroom. The designer of this collection is: @steelandstitch

You Will Need Abbreviations

ch – chain

mr – magic ring

dc – double crochet

tr – treble crochet

blo – back loop only

flo – front loop only

dc2tog – double crochet 2 stitches together

ss – slip stitch

rs – right side

The washcloth and soap holder use a double crochet in the back loop only, this creates a gentle ridge that is just right for exfoliating your skin.

How to Make: Make-Up Remover Pads

Round 1: Using Yarn A, mr 6 tr, Yarn B 6 tr, ss

Round 2: Yarn A 2tr in 6, Yarn B 2tr in 6, ss and fasten off.

How to Make: Wash Cloth

You can mix up the stripes in any pattern you like.

Row 1: ch3, 2 dc in first ch, ch1 turn (3)

Row 2: blo 2dc, dc to last st, 2dc, ch1 turn (5)

Row 3: flo 2dc, dc to last st, 2dc, ch1 turn (7)

Row 4 – 28: rpt rows 2-3

Row 26: blo dc2tog, dc to last st, dc2tog

Row 27: flo dc2tog, dc to last st, dc2tog

Repeat rows 26-27 until you have 1 st left, fasten off and weave in ends.

Colour pattern:

D 5 rows

C 2 rows

D 1 row

B 3 rows

D4 rows

A 1 row

B 3 rows

D 2 rows

B 2 rows

D 4 rows

C 1 row

A 3 rows

D 2 rows

B 3 rows

D 1row

B 2 rows

D 4 rows

A 1 row

D 2 rows

B 3 rows

C 1 row

How to Make: Soap Holder

This pattern has been written for a soap measuring 10cm x 6cm x 3cm. You can adjust the size by making the start chain long or shorter.

Using Yarn B ch5

Round 1: ch1, 2dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc 3, 3dc in end ch, dc 3 in other side of ch, ss in first ch

Round 2: dc, 3dc, dc 5, 3dc, dc to end, ss

Round 3: dc dc 2, 3dc, dc 7, 3dc, dc to end ss

Round 4 – 13: blo dc

Round 14 – 16: Yarn C, blo dc

Round 17 – 19: Yarn A, blo dc

Round 20-21: Yarn D,blo dc, ch15, ss next st, fasten off and weave in ends

How to Make: Shower Pouf

Using Yarn B, ch4 and ss ends to make loop

Round 1: dc 6 in loop

Round 2: 2dc in each st

Round 3 – 4: 3tr in each st.

To make loop use Yarn C, ch30 and attach at centre of pouf.


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