How To Crochet Paperchains

How To Crochet Paperchains #crochet #paperchain #christmas

Update the traditional paperchains by crocheting them instead! This will add an extra touch of colour to your decorations and can be used year after year.

How To Crochet Paperchains

You Will Need


Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet

St (es) – stitch (es)


How To Crochet Paperchains

Using your chosen colour yarn and a 4mm hook, ch 30 (+1) turning ch.

Row 1: dc into the 2nd ch from hook and continue working dc’s into every ch.

Row 2: ch1, dc into every st.

Continue row 2 for a further 5 rows. Break yarn and fasten leaving enough yarn to sew the seams.

Repeat the method above for all the chains. (It is pictured repeating 3 chains from each colourway).



Gently press with a cool iron each length. Fold the first length in half and using a mattress st sew the seams together, *place the second chain through the first chain, sew in half and using a mattress st sew the seams together*. Continue from *to* until you have joined all your chains together. Darn in all ends.

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