How To Crochet a Valentine’s ‘Insta-Like’

Designed by the great @nowaycrochet this project would make an amazing Valentines gift for everyone.

You Will Need Abbreviations

This pattern in written in US terms

Ch – Chain

Sc = Single crochet

Hdc = Half double crochet

Dc = Double crochet

Slst = Slip stitch

How To Make

Using Red and 3mm hook ch21

Row 1 – Sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc to end of row.

Ch1, turn

Row 2 – 11 – sc along to end of row

Ch1, turn

Row 12 – sc along to last stitch, ch1

Row 13 – without turning, 2sc into the same space as your ch1. This will be your corner for the border.

Sc along side, 3sc into corner space

Sc along 6



Trc, ch1, Trc (into same space)




Sc along to end of row,

3 sc in corner space.

Fasten off and weave in any loose ends.

Heart Pattern

Using White and 3mm hook make a magic circle, leaving a 10cm tail

Ch3, into magic circle,

3trc, 3dc, Trc, ch1, trc, 3dc, 3trc, ch3

Slst into magic circle

Pull tight and fasten off, leaving a 10cm tail.

‘U’ Pattern

Using white and 3mm hook ch12, leaving a 10cm tail

Sc 4 stitches along

2sc, 2 sc, 2sc

Sc to end of row

Slst into last ch space

Fasten off leaving 10cm tail


Take your Heart and ‘U’ and fasten onto the main body using the long tails. You can secure further by sewing directly on with a needle and thread.

To mount your Insta-like into the frame you will need to add a felt backing. Trace round your design onto your felt with chalk, and cut out neatly.

Cover the back of your design with the felt and sew through the back loops, fastening off tightly.


Position your design in your frame and stick with hobby glue. Write a personal message underneath or keep it simple with just your Insta- like!


 Alternatively, you can stick your design on the front of a valentines card for a more personal touch.


Happy Valentines Day!


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