How To Crochet A Spring Centre Piece

Create this quick and simple pattern using the super soft baby aran by Hayfield, designed by Ollie & Bella who is an avid crocheter and loves working with lots of different colours. 


You Will Need

Crochet hook 4mm

1 x each Hayfield Baby Aran – pastel blue, cream & stone


Magic loop



Half-Treble- htr

Slip Stitch –sl st

How To Make

Start off by making a magic loop.


Round 1- ch3, 2tr, *ch2, 3tr,ch2* repeat between ** 5 times, you should end up with 6 treble clusters. Join with a sl st.


Round 2- sl st across to chain space, ch3, 1tr, ch1, 2tr. Work around in each space with 2tr, ch1, 2tr. Join with slip stitch.


Round 3- sl st across to chain space, ch3,2tr, 1htr, 3tr in space, 1htr, 3tr in next space. Continue all around.  Join with sl st. Fasten ends in using a blunt needle.




The main table centre is made up of 9 motifs that are all joined together really easily.


Join with a simple slip stitch, joins are made on a half-treble for ease and it’s easy to remember. Follow instructions to complete one motif and then carry on instructions for the following pieces but remember not to complete all of round 3 as you need to do a join as you go.  Take loop off hook and place hook under the htr stitch on 1st motif. Place hook into stitch and pull loop through the stitch and join with a slip stitch.

IMG_3871 IMG_3870

When you come to join the rest of the motifs you’ll need to do 2 joins. One join to the main motif and the other to the previous motif. These joins are completed as mentioned previously. See main image.


Coasters– Follow the main instructions and make a set of 6, 2 in each shade.


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