How to Crochet a Granny Square Plant Pot Cover

Use your newly learned crochet skills to craft some gorgeous granny square plant pot covers to keep your succulents cosy. Customise with different yarn colours to suit your interior style. Follow the crochet pattern below that @thatmakesher created for #grannysquaremonth, and add a bit of your personality into your home. 

You Will NeedAbbreviations

ch        chain

dc        double crochet (US single crochet)

st(s)     stitch(es)

ss         slip stitch

yo     yarn over

How To Make

Note: The rounds are based on a small plant pot measuring 6cm (height) x 19cm (circumference)

If you want to create a cover for a bigger plant pot, simply follow the steps given for the third colour, crocheting in all the big visible gaps. You can then make as many squares needed for your plant pot to fit in.


1. Create a slip knot

2. Chain 6

3. SS into the very first chain you made. You will now have a circle.

4. Chain 3

5. 2x DC into the centre hole/gap

6. Repeat steps 5 and 6 – Twice

7. Chain 1

8. SS into the top of the first chain 3 you did

9. Chain 1, pull the yarn through , and now the round is bound off

10. Now change colour. Create a slip knot with a new colour

11. To join the yarn, put the crochet needle into the gap in the corner before last bind off

12. Go in from the top, yarn over, pull back through, and slip stitch

13. Chain 3

14. 2 DC in the same gap

15. Chain 2

16. 3 DC into the same gap

17. 3 DC into the next gap, which will be at the next corner

18. Chain 2

19. 3 DC in the same gap/corner

20. Now repeat steps 18 and 19 in the next 2 corners

21. SS into the top of the first chain 3 you did

22. Chain 1, pull the yarn through , and now the round is bound off

23. Now change to the third colour

24. Join the third colour using a slip knot

25. Yarn over, pull through and slip stitch

26. Chain 3

27. 2 DC into the first corner

28. Chain 2

29. 3 DC in the same gap/corner

30. 3 DC into the next gap , which will be on the straight edge

31. 3 DC into the next corner

32. Chain 2

33. 3 DC in the same corner

34. Repeat steps 30 to 33 around the square until you have crocheted in the gaps in the corners and straight edges

35. SS into the top stitch of the very chain in this round, full the yarn through. Now you have bound off.

36. The granny square is complete


For the plant pot cover you need to repeat the steps above to create 2 more squares. To attach together, follow the below steps:

1. Weave all the yarn end

2. Mattress stitch the squares together

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