How To Crochet A Daisy Necklace

Add a spring to your step with this cute daisy necklace by Cozamundo Crochet! A great way to add a bit of craftiness to your outfit. 



You Will Need

Rico Essentials Cotton DK – 1 ball in white

Rico Essentials Cotton DK – 1 ball in yellow

3.5mm hook




For this pattern work puff stitch as ch3 *yarn over insert into stitch, yarn over and draw back through and back up to the height of base chain (3 loops on hook), repeat from * 5 times until there are 11 Loops on your hook then yarn over and pull through all loops creating a puffed petal! Chain three to finish.

How To Make

1) using colour A: Make a magic loop. Chain one (counts as DC). 11DC into loop and SS into starting chain to form centre ring. Break off yarn. For a neat finish take the time to sew in the ends now and pull the magic loop tightly to form a circle.


2) Using yarn B: attach in any DC from previous round. Chain 3. Puff stitch into same stitch. SS into next 2 dc to form puff petal.


3) Repeat (2) until you have 6 puff petals


Finish off, making sure to puff the petals on the right side and leaving a long tail for sewing the flowers together.




Working on the reverse, sew first three flowers together in the back loops of chains before attaching remaining flowers.


daisy 2 daisy 3


Sew in the ends leaving one long end on the top row.


Using colour B chain appropriate length. (I use 130cm to allow for the necklace to be worn long or short).


Sew to the back of the top three flowers using remaining long end.

daisy 4

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