How To Crochet A Colourful Kids Gilet

This super simple and colourful kids crochet gilet is great for layering up an outfit and makes a stylish addition to any little girl or boy’s wardrobe!

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You Will Need

1 each Women’s Institute Soft and Cuddly 50g balls in Pink, Lilac,  Grey,  Cream,  Green

3.5 Crochet hook

Tapestry needle

How To Make

Using all 5 colours in random combinations make 45 2-round granny squares as follows;

Slip knot, chain 4, join to first chain with slip stitch to make a ring

Round 1. Chain 3 (counts as 1st treble) 2tr into ring, chain 3, *3 tr into ring, chain 3* 3 times, join to top of first ch3 with a slip stitch. Cut yarn and fasten off

Round 2. With a new colour join yarn to one of the 3ch spaces, ch3 (counts as 1st tr), 2 tr, ch3, 3tr all into same chain space. *ch1, 3tr, ch3, 3tr all into next 3ch space. Repeat from * twice more, ch 1 and join with a slip stitch to top of first tr.

Sew in ends.

Once all 45 random- coloured squares have been made order the squares for 2 front panels and a back panel as follows;


For the front left:  2 squares widthways by 5 squares lengthways (10 squares)

For the front Right: as front left (10 squares)

For the Back: 5 squares widthways by 5 squares lengthways (25 squares)


Join the squares together right side facing and with a visible double crochet seam. Starting from the top right and working horizontally to the left of the panel.

efwev rgrgw

Once the horizontal seams are finished double crochet the vertical seams in the same way working from the bottom to the top of the panel.

On the two front panels crochet a trim on the inside edge in colour pink working a double crochet stitch into each stitch working from bottom to top of the edge.

wegewg efwevvfv

Ladder or mattress stitch the shoulder seams together and the side seams, but only up to the first 2 squares from bottom of gilet, leaving the rest open for the armholes. Fasten yarn securely and sew in any loose ends.

Trim the gilet with tassels with left over yarn. To make a tassel; find a piece of card the length you’d like your tassel to be, wrap the yarn around the card lengthways several times, cut the yarn at the bottom of the card to release the strands, holding the strands in the middle pull through the space where you require the tassel, pull the ends through the loop and secure by pulling firmly. Repeat until the bottom edge of the gilet is full of colourful tassels!


vfdvfdf bfbe


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