How to Crochet a Christmas Tree Gift Tag

How to Crochet a Christmas Tree Gift Tag #crochet #christmas

 Make the most adorably on-trend gift tags for your presents this Christmas! Crochet has gone crazy lately, and you can see why with this cute little crochet make – it would also look great as a Christmas tree decoration next year!

How to Crochet a Christmas Tree Gift Tag

You will need

Abbreviations used

  • ch = chain
  • dc = double crochet
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • dc2tog = dc 2sts together
  • dc3tog = dc 3sts together
  • DK = double knitting

How to Make

Trunk – using brown, make 6ch.

Row 1 – Work 1dc into 2nd ch from hook, 1dc into each of remaining ch. (5sts). Turn.
Row 2 – 1ch, work 1dc in each st. (5sts). Fasten off.


Row 1 – using green, make 5ch, work 3dc evenly across row ends of trunk, make 5ch. (13sts). (Turn with 1ch on this and every row).

Row 2 – 1dc in each st. (13sts).

Row 3 – dc2tog, 9dc, dc2tog. (11sts). Row 4 – dc.

Row 5 – dc2tog, 7dc, dc2tog. (9sts). Row 6 – dc.

Row 7 – dc2tog, 5dc, dc2tog. (7sts). Row 8 – dc.

Row 9 – dc2tog, 3dc, dc2tog. (5sts). Row 10 – dc.

Row 11 – dc2tog, 1dc, dc2tog. (3sts). Row 12 – dc.
Row 13 – dc3tog. Fasten off. Weave in loose ends.

Using invisible thread, stitch the sequins in place.

To make the crochet tree into a tag, use a needle and thread with the same wool/yarn used on the tree and push through the top of the tree to form a loop. Trim both strands to the desired length and secure both ends with a knot.

How to Crochet a Christmas Tree Gift Tag #crochet #christmas

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