How to Crochet a Carrot Garland

Add a touch of Spring to your home with this fun garland from @melly.elly.crochet. It’s a great decoration for your Easter table or to add to your garden. 

You Will Need

Caron Simply Soft Chartreuse (or any green aran weight yarn)

Caron Simply Soft Mango (or any orange aran weight yarn)


Stuffing (small amount to give each carrot a 3D shape)

4.5mm Crochet Hook

Darning Needle

3.5 cm Pom Pom maker

Sharp scissors


Ch = Chain

DC = Double Crochet (US Single Crochet)

HTC = Half Treble Crochet (US Half Double Crochet)

TC = Treble Crochet (US Double Crochet)

Sl St = Slip Stitch


The garland is made up of 7 carrots and 8 pom poms but you can make your garland any length according to your requirements, just make sure to have 1 more pom pom than the number of carrots you choose.

How To Make

Body of Carrot (make 2 to sew together)


Using orange yarn Ch 13.

1 HTC in 3rd chain from hook.

1 HTC in next 9 chains.

7 HTC in last chain (This turns you around the end of the carrot. You can use the end thread to tighten the hole this creates if you wish when sewing in your ends).

1 HTC in next 10 chains (back along your chains you have just worked in).

Sl St in to next 2 chain stitches (to take you around the other end of the carrot).

Sl St in to next 3 stitches.

1 DC in next 2 stiches.

1 HTC in next 4 stitches.

1 TC in next 3 stitches.

2 HTC in next stitch.

1 HTC in next stitch.

2 HTC in next stitch.

1 HTC in next stitch.

1 TC in next 3 stitches.

1 HTC in next 4 stitches.

1 DC in next 2 stitches.

Sl St in next 2 stitches.


Cut yarn and pull up and off the hook then thread yarn through from front to back. You will need 2 of these carrot sides to sew together. For one side cut off a normal length of yarn when you have finished and sew in the ends of your work. For the other side leave a long tail of yarn which you can then use to sew the two sides together.

Making up the Carrot Body


Place the two carrot sides back to back with the right sides facing out. Sew the two sides together using one loop from each carrot side following an over and under stitch.

Once you have stitched down one side and around the top of the carrot add a small amount of stuffing to give the carrot a 3D shape.

Stitch around the remaining edge of the carrot and then sew in the end and cut off yarn.




Carrot Top


Attach the green yarn to the top of the carrot by threading it through the top middle space between the HTC and 2HTC stitches on both sides and tying it on.

Push your hook through the same space from front to back and pull through a loop of yarn then chain 10.

Sl St back into the same space then Ch 12.

Sl St back into the same space then Ch 10.

Sl St one last time into the same space.

Cut yarn and pull up and off the hook then thread yarn through from the front of your work to the back.

Sew in all ends.



Putting the Garland Together


Make 8 pom poms (or the required number for your garland) in green yarn using a 3.5 cm pom pom maker.


Cut a length of twine to your desired length. I used 156 cm for my garland to hang on my kitchen wall.


Thread on the pom poms and carrots following the pattern of pom pom, then carrot, then pom pom.


I left around 14cm at the start and end of my twine and spaced the carrots and pom poms around 7 cm apart.


When threading the carrots put the needle through the top of the carrots, from side to side about two stitches down from the centre point.

When threading on the pom poms you need to make sure you are threading through the centre and support the pom poms well with your hand as you pull the twine through. Some of the pom pom yarn may be displaced and you may need to do some further trimming to make it neat again.


Tie a knot at each end of the twine to finish your garland.

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