How to Crochet a Candy Cane Wreath

Love decorating your house for Christmas? Then have a go at this Candy Cane wreath to add some festive fun to your house. Designed by Gemma Winter



You Will Need How To Make

Using 3.00 hook and Yarn A chain 32 +3 for turning (excluding your turning chains you need to make sure that your row will fit around your wreath neatly)


Starting in 3rd chain from hook, work a row of trebles (Tr). Chain 3 and turn work, and work a Tr in each stitch to second to last stitch. In last stitch pull in Yarn B in second part of Tr stitch to change colour.


(I carried my threads up the side of my work as I went instead of cutting, it saves sewing in so many ends!)


*Using Yarn B, chain 3 then work a Tr in each stitch to end, chain 3 and turn work to then complete another row of Trebles*


Repeat until your length of crochet neatly fits around edge of wreath, I completed 42 ‘stripes’ ending in Yarn B to keep the pattern correct!


Finish off and pull through ends.


Overstitch top and bottom edges of crochet to form a ring and slide polystyrene wreath into ring. Pull the long edge around and overstitch, keeping seam to the centre back of the wreath. Match stripes as you go until you’ve stitched right around and totally covered the polystyrene wreath.


Mistletoe embellishments (Make 32)


Using Yarn C and a 3.00 hook, chain 12. In 4th and 5th chains from hook work 1 double treble. Tr in next 3 stitches, Half Tr in next 2 stitches, followed by DC in last 2 stitches. Finish off and cut yarn.


Stitch together with right sides facing in groups of 2. Sew in ends.


Satin Bow


Using a 1m length of the ribbon, tie a bow and cut ends at an angle to desired length. I attached a piece of ribbon around the knot to make it look bigger! (Just glue gun the ends at the back)


Attach bow with a glue gun to bottom of wreath.


Putting together


I cheated & used a glue gun…mind your fingers!! It’s a little bit fiddly but so much easier and quicker than stitching!


Spread out the mistletoe leaves around the wreath and secure with a small spot of glue. Once positioned and dry, go back to each and attach 3 mini Pompoms to each stitched leaf joint to make the ‘berries’


Hang from a wall or door and feel smug and festive!!




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