How To Crochet A Summer Bag And Flip Flops

Need a new summer project? Then try this beach bag and matching flip flops designed by @meiguidesigns.

Using James C Brett noodle yarn it’s a quick and fun project to hook up



You Will Need Abbreviations

This pattern is written in UK terms with US terms in parentheses.

Ch- chain

St- stitch

Slst- slip stitch

Sc- single crochet

Dc- double crochet

Hdc- half double crochet

Tc- treble crochet

Htc- half treble crochet

Dtc- double treble crochet

Yo- yarn over

Ps- puff stitch

Lp- loop

Sk- skip

Sp- space

FO- fasten off




Special Stitches:

Puff Stitch:  yo, insert hook in indicated st, yo, pull loop through st and make lp same height as previous sts in working row, (yo, insert hook in same st, yo, pull lp through st and make lp same height as working row) twice, yo, pull through all 7 lps on hook, ch 1.

Ruffle Stitch:  this stitch is made by 3Tc (Dc) in same space.

How To Make

You will start by making 4 flower motif granny squares beginning with a magic circle or if you prefer, you can chain 5 and slst in first ch to form a ring.  Round 1-3 creates the flower.  Make one of each:  pink, lime, orange, purple.

Round 1:  ch3, 15Tc (Dc), slst in top of ch3 to connect

Round 2:  *ch3, sk1, slst in next st* *repeat 7 more times for a total of 8 ch3 loops

Round 3:  ch1, Dc (Sc), Htc (Hdc), Tc (Dc), Dtc (Tc), Tc (Dc), Htc (Hdc), Dc (Sc) in ea ch3 sp, slst in ch1 sp, FO

Round 4:  Attach new (white) yarn to top of any Dtc (Tc), *ch7, slst in top of next Dtc (Tc), ch5, slst in top of next Dtc (Tc)* *repeat 3 more times around flower, slst to complete round, turn work

Round 5:  ch3, 4Tc (Dc) in ch5 sp, ch1, *5Tc (Dc) ch2 5Tc (Dc) in ch7 sp to form corner, ch1, 5Tc (Dc) in ch5 sp, ch1* *repeat 2 times, 5Tc (Dc), ch1, slst in top of ch3, turn work

Round 6:  ch1, 2Dc (Sc) in each ch1 sp, 1Dc (Sc) in ea st, 3Dc (Sc) in ch2 corners all the way around, slst to join, FO

Round 7:  Join new (turquoise) yarn in middle st of any corner, ch3 1Tc (Dc) ch2 2Tc (Dc) in same st, 1Tc (Dc) in ea st, 2Tc (Dc) ch2 2Tc (Dc) in middle st of ea corner, slst to join, FO

Round 8:  Join new (white) yarn in any ch2 corner sp, ch3 2Tc (Dc) ch2 3Tc (Dc) in same sp, 1Tc (Dc) in ea st, 3Tc (Dc) ch2 3Tc (Dc) in ch2 corner sps, slst to join, turn work

Round 9:  ch1, 1Dc (Sc) in ea st, 4Dc (Sc) in ea ch2 corners, slst to join, FO

photo 7

To make the base of the tote:

Ch31 as foundation chain.

Round 1:  *ch2, 1HTc (HDc) in 3rd chain from hook, 1HTc (HDc) in ea st in row, 1HTc (HDc) in top of ch2, turn work*

*repeat to make 25 rows

photo 8

Constructing Tote:

With right sides together, attach the squares to the base using your stitch markers then sew flower motif granny squares to the base using Dc (Sc).  Once all panels are sewn to base, continue by sewing panel sides together from top to bottom, keeping right sides together.

Once you have sewn your tote together turn it right side out.  You are now ready to crochet the top portion of the tote.  Join yarn to top of any Tc (Dc).

Round1:  (purple) ch3, 1Tc (Dc) in ea st around the top of the panels, slst to join, FO

Round2:  (pink) join between any Tc (Dc) ch2 1Htc (Hdc) in ea st, slst to join, FO

Round3:  (white) join in any sp, ch3(counts as first yo in first Ps), *1Ps , sk1* *repeat all the way around, slst in top of Ps, FO

Round4: (green) join yarn in any ch1 sp, ch2, 1Htc (Hdc) in ea ch1 sp, sk Ps all the way around, slst, FO

Round5: (orange) join yarn between any Htc (Hdc) ch3, 1Tc (Dc) in ea sp, slst to join, FO

Round6:  (purple) join yarn between any Tc (Dc) ch3, 1Tc (Dc) in ea sp, slst to join, FO

Round7:  (pink) join yarn between any Tc (Dc) ch2, 1Htc (Hdc) in ea sp, slst to join, turn work

Round8:  continue with pink ch2, 1 Htc (Hdc) in ea sp, FO

Round9:  (turquoise) join in any Htc (Hdc) ch4, 2DTc (Tc) in same st, 3DTc (Tc) in ea st around to form ruffle, slst to join, FO

photo 9

photo 10



To position the strap lay the tote out flat open at the top with front facing you.  Find the center of the two side panels and place a stitch marker at each point.  Count 4 st to the right and join yarn (turquoise) in that 4th stitch. Ch1, 1Dc (Sc) in ea of next 7st, turn work, *ch2, 7Htc (Hdc), turn.  Continue until your strap is about 38cm (15in).  Be sure the last Htc in ea row goes into the top of the ch2.  Complete with 8Dc (Sc) in the other side of the tote making sure it is even to the

opposite side.  To give the ruffle and the strap a nice finished look use a contrasting color and Dc (Sc) along the edge.  To do this join yarn at any stitch, ch1, 1Dc (Sc) in ea st, slst in ch1sp, FO

 photo 11

photo 12

Drawstring Cord:

To make the drawstring cord measure your yarn in the color of your choice to 4.5 m (5 yds).  Make a slip knot on your hook at that point.  Do not cut.  We will call this part of the yarn the tail.  The other portion connected to your yarn ball is your working yarn.  Move tail over hook from front to back. Yarn over with working yarn.  Draw working yarn through both loops.  Continue moving tail over hook from front to back and drawing working yarn through both loops to the end of the tail.  Cut working yarn and tie both yarns together. Lay your tote flat with one flower motif facing you.  This will be the front.  Work your cord into the last row of Tcs (Dcs) that you made.  Move in and out of three stitches at a time.  Adjust cord so both sides are even.  Now you will make two curlicue tassels.  Chain 12 as your foundation chain leaving a 6 inch tail.  Ch3, 2Tc (Dc) in 4th ch from hook.  *3Tc (Dc) in next st, *repeat to end.  FO leaving another 6 inch tail.  Use the tails to join tassels to cord ends. Work in tails.

photo 13

To make matching flip flops I made the curlicues in three different colors using a 4.5mm hook instead of the 6mm hook.  After you tie the curlicues to flip flops dab the knots with a little clear fingernail polish to secure the knots.  Make sure the knots are positioned under the curlicues but not under the strap so they don’t rub on your foot!

flip flops

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