How to Create Watercolour Florals with POSCA

Flowy florals are really on-trend right now and it’s not hard to see why. These beautiful bloomy designs look so pretty and are surprisingly easy to recreate yourself. Would you believe this subtle, dreamy floral artwork was created with POSCA paint pens?

Water-based and non-toxic, POSCA paint pens dry opaque with a solid colour when working on them straight but you can make the shades lighter and more painterly by using them with water. So they are ideal for creating watercolour style artwork.

Because POSCA pens contain a water-based pigment paint you can dilute the colours to create a softer style with your POSCA pen creations. You can shape these diluted POSCA hues as you would watercolours to create subtle variations in colour intensity and tone. And because it’s paint in a pen you can control the level of colour by applying the pen directly onto your canvas or paper to then drag with a wet brush.

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1. Lightly sketch out your floral design to give your piece structure. We have drawn simple petals to arrange the composition. Remember don’t be too heavy-handed when making your sketch as your diluted POSCA colours will be light over the sketch.

2. Arrange your leaves first to frame your flowers. To create light, watercolour-style leaves apply the flat of a wet pointed brush to make watery leaf shapes. Then apply your green POSCA pen over the damp shapes and use your brush to shape the colour. Pick up the green hue with your brush and use to paint more leaves in.

3. Clean your brush and change your water. Now you can work up your petals. Apply a wet brush over the flower shapes. Then use your red and pink POSCAs to work pen colour over the tips of the petals to shape. Drag this colour down with the wet brush to create a soft painterly effect.

4. Make curved shapes with a wet brush around the top and bottom of your floral arrangement as shown. Use your blue POSCA to make heart shapes along the lines and soften with the brush. While the blue floral sprigs are still wet, add dots to with your white POSCA.

5. Clean your white POSCA by dipping in water. Now add little spots of white to your flower-centres and drag with a wet brush.

6. Use the black POSCA to create your flower centres. While the paint is set wet dilute the black circles with a damp brush. Where your brush has picked up the colour, use the tip of the brush to make dashes around the centre.

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