How to Create Modern Calligraphy Place Cards

Place cards are one of the most important components of a wedding. Be it for a bridal shower, or your wedding reception, they add a touch of elegance to your setup when done well. For the more adventurous, place cards can come on non-paper surfaces.

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at creating a classic place card with a contemporary twist, and one on wooden slices for a more rustic charm.

This tutorial has been provided by Joyce Lee, or Artsynibs, a Modern Calligrapher. Read Joyce’s Meet the Maker on the Hobbycraft blog, and visit her website to find out more about the introductory workshops that she runs to teach hand lettering and calligraphy techniques.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. With your brush, mix the gold ink with a colour that fits your colour theme. Here, we’re using black.

2. Create random strokes on the canvas using the colour you’ve just mixed.

3. Once it dries, cut it up into squares of 10 x 10 cm and fold them in half.

4. With your paintbrush, brush some ink onto the nib provided in the Modern Calligraphy kit.

5. With the same ink mixture, create your place cards on the wooden slices.

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