How to Create Brush Pen Illustrations with Tombow

This simple step-by-step guide will help you create a gorgeous, modern floral pattern using Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens. The design is made up of simple floral shapes, pattern & line to build the look, which means that anybody is able to recreate this piece no matter the skill level.

Illustrator Chloe Turner choses 7 Tombow colours & a pencil to work with, but you can choose a colour palette that works for you! This is a lovely design that could be put in a frame or applied to a card, and the techniques learned here can be used to create your own designs.

You Will Need

A3 Daler Rowney Mixed Media Paper »

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens » (243, 553, and 685 are used here)

Tombow ABT Grey Dual Brush Pens » (N15, N45, N79, N89 are used here)

Craft Essentials How to Make a Floral Pattern

1. First choose your colours and lay your paper out ready to start drawing!

2. Start by drawing the flower heads (you can always have a little practice first before starting the real thing) I started with the purple (685) flowers first. The trick to this is to do some single flower heads and some little clusters. I did a few different styles to mix things up & I also used both ends of the pen to add variety to the design. Make sure to leave room in between each cluster for the next steps.

3. I then went on to the greys (N79) & lilac (553). Making sure there was enough gaps in between to add in stems & leaves following the same rule of single & clustered bunches.

4. I then went on to add the final flower colour Mint (243).

5. Next add in the stems for each flower head. If it’s a cluster of flower heads- I would use the same colour.

6. Now it’s time to add in the leaves- I recommend practising on a separate sheet before adding them onto your final design. Just like with the flower heads I used different shaped and sized leaves to add variety so be creative! The leaves are a great way to fill in the gaps to the design where needed…. if there are gaps add more leaves! I used the same colours from before & added in 2 more greys (N45, N75)

7. The design just needs a few finishing touches. Add in the centre details to all the flowers. I used either a single dot, clustered dots or little lines (depending on the shape of the flowers) I did this using pencil or a fine dark grey line.

8. The last step is to add in some little pencil dots into the gaps- don’t over do it!

How to Make a Typographic Design

1. First draw out lettering using a pencil. Make sure the lettering is in the centre of the paper.

2. Apply the same technique used before to create this design. Press harder when there is a down stroke, and lift the pen for lighter up strokes. 

3. Go over design in Tombow pens & add in details to flowers at the very end.


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