How to Create Bodacious Baubles with Acrylic Paint

 Need some easy-treesy Christmas ideas to get you in the mood? Look no further, because Reeves has created these impressively festive baubles for you to try your hand at. Scroll down for a few words on how it’s done and the equipment you’ll need. Santa’s Little Helper has nothing on you.

You Will Need How to Make

First up, Reeves’ painted baubles look shop-bought but here’s the twist: the paint goes inside. A super-easy decoration that looks super-hard to make – just the thing to impress your family. Here’s what you’ll need and how to do it.

1. You’ll need a plain glass bauble and a set of chunky pipettes. Choose a few of your favourite Reeves acrylic colours and mix each one with some water. The paints need to be runny enough to flow through the pipettes with ease, close to the consistency of single cream. Once the paints are ready, suck each colour up into its own pipette.  

2. Lay your pipettes out on a tissue, ready for action.


3. Tilt the bauble and take your first pipette. Squeeze some paint into the bauble and let it slowly drip down inside. Wait a few moments and let the paint dry a little.     

4. Now choose another colour and drip it down into the bauble, just as you did before. Keep going until you can no longer see through the glass. If you prefer a glassy look, leave some artful spaces. There’s no right or wrong – it’s all about your creativity.         


5, At this point, you can tip and turn the bauble to make the paint swirl into different patterns. When you think you’ve nailed it, hold the bauble for a moment to let the paint start to set.          

6. Put the bauble on the bauble tray to dry – if you’ve thrown it away, an old egg box will do.

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