How to Create a Vibrant Repeat Pattern with POSCA

Create a vibrant repeat pattern illustration that really makes use of POSCA colour and hones your designer drawing skills too. As an example, we’ve created a symmetrical pattern that employs simple shapes and curves to celebrate nature. Taking the time to compose this pattern is not only fun but is a useful skill to learn!

This initial design was made with 3m POSCAs on the Daler Rowney Mixed Media Spiral Pad, which really holds colour and tone. You can use the pattern as a base to decorate a range of items for a suite of co-ordinated gifts and home accessories as POSCA pens work so well on a wide range of surfaces.

POSCA paint markers are great to work with and offer so many creative possibilities. Water-based and non-toxic, POSCA paint pens dry opaque with a vibrant matte finish and solid colour so your pattern will really pop.

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1. Create your pattern on tracing paper to make a symmetrical design. Cut your tracing paper down to A5 then make it into a square. Fold the square in half and draw a half butterfly in along the centre line as shown. Draw curved tear drops inside the wings and embellish the inside with flower shapes as shown. Make curves around the butterfly shape adding leaves to the curves. Then draw simple flower shapes into the gaps. Once you are happy with the design you can trace this onto the plain side of your folded sheet. You have now created a pattern tile you that can use across a range of surfaces.

2. To transfer your pattern, turn the tracing paper over so the image is face down. Apply pencil to the back of your drawing. Move your pencil lead back and forth to create an even surface. Place the tracing paper gently on top of your paper with the pencil stroke side face down. Trace the image, with pressure, onto the surface. Now line up your tracing paper tile  along side your transferred design and repeat to cover the whole paper as shown. Use your pencil to neaten up the sketch.

3. Now use your POSCA pens to apply a base colour to your butterfly, stems and leaves as shown.

4. Colour in the flower petals with your red POSCA pen and full in the centre with dots of black POSCA.

5. Embellish the butterfly by applying dots around your purple shapes. Now add further highlights and details using purple and white POSCA pens.

6. Add highlights and details by first using the black POSCA pen to define the red petals. Now apply yellow POSCA over the leaves and white dashes over the petals.

7. Finish your composition by drawing little red hearts with your POSCA into the white spaces of your pattern.

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