How to Create a Typographical Scrapbook Layout

Scrapbooking and documenting special moments can take many forms, from super-simple layouts to mixed media masterpieces, and everything in between! However they are all predominantly made up of the same three components, a main image, a title and journaling. 

Days can be spent perfecting the final layout, as I predominantly work on children’s projects they can’t be time consuming or particularly intricate as children like to achieve their finished piece sooner rather than later. Therefor for my layout I have gone for a less is more approach,documenting my son’s 6th birthday party. 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1 Take a 12 x 12″ scrapbook and open at an empty left and right-hand page. Stain one of the pages using a tea bag, place the tea bag in a cup of warm water, then use a sponge to apply the water to the page. Leave to dry.

Top tip: Place a mat, or a piece of thick cardstock behind the page to avoid any of the water staining other pages in the scrapbook. 

2. In a clean cup or pot, add some coffee granules and hot water, leave to cool, then use a medium-sized paint brush to apply some of the water to the tea stained page. Work into the page further using a sponge. 

Top Tip: This is a great technique to use on any memorabilia or maps you have to give them a nice vintage look. For maps I would advise using less of the coffee stain so that text and images are still legible. 

3. This is where you could spend days and days deciding what your going to put down on the page, there are so many lovely bits and pieces to choose from! I used the Pebbles paper to create backdrops – there are lots of great patterns to choose from in this pad! I drew cactus shapes on the back of the green patterned paper and cut out using a sharp pair of scissors; the red patterned paper within the sheet works brilliantly for creating the spiky cactus flowers.

4. All Cowboy-themed parties need a ‘Wanted’ poster, and the Amy Tangerine wooden stamps are perfect! I then added some Thicker stickers underneath, along with some more cacti.

5. The completed layouts.

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