How to Create a Piece of Happy Mail

Snail Mail or Happy Mail can take many forms, as long as when it arrives with the lucky recipient it makes them happy, your mission has been accomplished! The most popular form of Happy Mail is done by creating a base from paper or cardstock that folds up into a neat little package, which is then decorated and filled with crafty wares through the use of envelopes and pockets, and then sent in the post to the recipient.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate Happy Mail, so you can be as inventive as you like! Here’s how we made ours…

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Lay a 5 x 7” card blank flat out on a cutting mat, trim 1cm off one of the shorter sides. Make a new crease line approximately 3mm from the central crease. 

2. Repeat step one with another card blank.

3. Cut another card blank in half along the crease line, and then trim each piece down to 11 x 17.5cm. With the panel in a landscape orientation make a crease line 8.5cm in from both sides creating the same 3mm spine as before.

4. Stick patterned and/or plain papers to fill the front and back of one half of each of the folder flaps on both sides.

5. Attach the two smaller folders in place on one of the larger folders, ensuring they are adhered close to the crease line. Secure the remaining folder on top so that all the patterned sides are showing. Fix a trimmed piece of paper to the centre to finish assembling the Happy Mail base.

6. Attach two lengths of twine to become the closure bow. Fix one length on the inside of the front cover and one length on the bottom flap toward the crease. When folded up the two twine lengths will meet enabling a bow to be tied.

7. To create internal pockets for the piece of Happy Mail, trim pieces of cardstock to the desired size then apply double-sided tape to three of the sides. Add a selection of cards and trimmed patterned papers.

8. Decorate the internal and external folder and flaps with a selection of ephemera, chipboard Thickers, and stickers.

9. Create an envelope from patterned paper to compliment the theme, fix this in place in the centre of the Happy Mail creating a place to add your hand written letter.

10. Thread a tassel onto the end of each piece of twine. Fold the twine back on itself by approximately 1cm, then wrap cotton around until the twine end is completely covered. Thread the cotton through a needle and sew through the cotton from top to bottom to secure everything in place.

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