How to Craft Your Easter Egg Hunt

Waking up on Easter morning fills any child with excitement! Make your Easter egg hunt amazing this year by taking some extra time to craft fun decorations and goodies! Have a look at the selection of quick crafting projects below to get you started.


Easter Hunt Sign

Create the perfect starting point to your egg hunt by creating bouncing calligraphy signage with the sign blanks available online and in store at Hobbycraft.


You Will Need

Wooden Arrow Sign »

White Acrylic Paint »

Blue Acrylic Paint »

Large and Small Paintbrush »


How to Make

1. Paint wooden sign using white acrylic paint and leave to dry

2. Sketch out your lettering lightly in pencil, erasing and redrawing until it looks as you wish. 

Top tip! You could trace lettering using tracing paper and transfer it over to the wood by scribbling on the back – just remember you’ll need to trace the other side of the paper too in order for the letters to be round the right way.

3. Paint the lettering using a bright acrylic paint and a fine paintbrush


Floral Rattan Basket

These rattan baskets are the perfect vessel for collecting sweet Easter treats within! Decorate with some artificial foliage to achieve a truly spring-like look.


You Will Need

Natural Seagrass Basket »

Artificial Daffodil Picks »

Floral Garland »

Wire Cutters »


How to Make

1. Cut some sprigs of foliage from the floral garland using wire cutters

2. Weave these sprigs and artificial daffodil picks into the handle of the floral rattan basket until you achieve the desired composition

3. Fill the basket with sweet Easter treats!


Easter Bunny Game

These egg bunnies are a versatile Easter decoration that work wonderfully for games indoors or in the garden. Have a read below to find out how you can turn yours into a noughts and crosses game!


You Will Need

Polystyrene Egg Bunny » x 6

Turquoise Acrylic Paint »

Yellow Acrylic Paint »

Large Paintbrush »

Colourful Tape »


How to Make 

1. Paint Polystyrene Bunnies (3 in each colour) using acrylic paint and a large paintbrush and leave to dry

2. Place tape on a clean, flat surface in a cross hatch pattern

3. Enjoy playing noughts and crosses – or line the bunnies up for a game of skittles!


Fillable Eggs

Fillable eggs are fantastic vessels to carry and hide smaller treats on Easter Sunday. We have a new range of Easter products online and in store at Hobbycraft that’ll do just the trick!


You Will Need

Pearlised Fillable Eggs »

Polystyrene Decorative Eggs »


Easter Tree

Why not decorate your home with a modern, white twig tree? These versatile trees work as a base to decorate for various occasions all year round, and work particularly well for Easter! Be inspired by the image above, which uses a selection of our hanging Easter decorations, as well as a couple that have had floral toppers and mini chicks glued inside.


You Will Need

Hanging Fillable Egg Shell »

Mermaid Glitter Hanging Eggs »

Floral Toppers »

Mini Chicks »

Hot Glue Gun »

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