Happily Ever After Wedding Papercraft

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Adorn someone’s special day with doilies and dainty table decorations made from stunning paper, with these pretty projects from Crafts Beautiful magazine. Handmade is not only special, but also easy to achieve and feels so much more thoughtful!

Wedding Card

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Glue decorative paper to a square card blank, then stick a square of contrasting paper in the centre. Cut a strip from coordinating paper, then snip a triangle from each end to create a banner.

2. Using a pen, write a message on the banner, then embellish the strip with gems. Cut a white heart shape, then decorate with floral paper. Using foam pads, attach the shape to the card.

3. Stick miniature wooden pegs to the top of the heart, then clip the message to the card. Fix a button to the centre of a floral paper rosette, then attach it to the base of the card.


Favour Boxes

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Using the template on our pattern pages », photocopy the box onto patterned paper. Cut out the shape and score the dotted lines. Fold tab A over, glue tab B, and join it to the opposite side.

2. Using a short length of coordinating ribbon, make a loop. Feed this inside the box, through the hole in the top. Make sure the knot is bigger than the hole. To close the box, slot the open-ended part into the cut slit at the side of the container.

3. Stick decorative paper to the face of the box. If you’re making several, vary with coordinating patterns. Glue a paper rosette, bow, or other embellishments to the top, then decorate with gems.

Heart Decorations

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1 Using the heart template », transfer the design onto coordinating decorative papers. Cut the shape out with a craft knife.

2 If the paper is too lightweight, glue the shapes to white stock paper. Buff the edges with a matching colour stamping ink, then hang the middle V over the rim of a wine glass

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