Great British Button Challenge: Sew a Button Frame Card

Create a cute and colourful button frame card using a handful of essentials from your craft stash. This card design is super-easy to personalise, simply pick and mix the button colours to suit the lucky recipient! Perfect for New Baby announcements, Save the Dates and Thanks You’s, simply slot your hand written message or photo into the top of the frame.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Trim a 15 x 10cm rectangle from an A4 sheet of cream felt and an A4 sheet of white card. On one side of the card and felt mark a 2cm border, use a pair of scissors to remove the central aperture so that you’re left with a frame. Place the cardstock frame to one side.

2. Take your buttons and start placing them on the frame so that as little of the cream felt is showing through as possible. Once happy with the composition take a quick photo, this will be used when it comes to securing the buttons into place, as all of the buttons will need to be removed prior to stitching them down.

3. With your reference image to hand, begin securing the buttons in place starting in the bottom right-hand corner and working your way around clockwise.

4. Take the cardstock frame created in step one and secure to the reverse of the stitched button frame using tacky glue. Place to one side to dry for at least five minutes.

5. Take a white sheet of adhesive backed foam and trim into 1cm strips. Remove the adhesive backing, and secure two stacked layers on the back of the frame around the edge on both long sides and along the bottom. Secure centrally to the card blank.

6. Add your image or message into the top of the frame.

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