Great British Button Challenge: Button Art Templates

We’re on a mission to get Britain sewing again, starting with our schools! As part of the Great British Button Challenge, we’re giving out free buttons to schools, and challenging teachers to bring sewing back into UK classrooms. The 2018 Hobbycraft Report found that 1 in 5 people in the UK can’t sew on a button, with 52% never taught at school, so we’re giving teachers, parents and budding stitchers creative inspiration for imaginative button makes, with projects suitable for individuals and group activities, and ideas that are both fun and educational! Find out more about the Great British Button Challenge, and the great prizes up for grabs, at

Download these button art project templates, transfer them onto fabric using a light box and pen, or tracing paper and pencil, and sew buttons on to fill in the colour! These images will make great class projects to display up on the walls of your classroom.

Download Dinosaur Template


Download Snail Template


Download Tree Template


Download Egyptians Template


Download Giraffe Template

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