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Color Me Happy #Zentangle #AdultColouring

Color Me Happy #Zentangle #AdultColouring

The sun is out and shining, and what better way to chill out and relax in the glorious sunshine than by doing some colouring in?

Art therapist Lucy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter have put together Color me Happy, a book crammed full of 100 beautiful colouring templates, organised into six chapters to suit every mood. Perfect for an afternoon of colouring in, you could even frame your masterpiece after it’s complete!

Imagery and text courtesy of Colour Me Happy by Lacy Mucklow and Illustrated by Angela Porter published by RacePoint Publishing

As children, many of us enjoyed colouring in our favourite characters or scenes in books with our trusty pack of crayons, but as we got older, added responsibilities came along, which pushed aside all those things we used to do for sheer enjoyment. But there is no rule that says we should we should stop all the fun!

Colouring Tip

The most important thing when colouring is to figure out which colours you find energizing, and then try to incorporate them into your artwork.

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Color Me Happy #Zentangle #AdultColouring


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