Frankenstein Face Paint Tutorial

Frankenstein Face Paint Tutorial #Snazaroo #FacePainting #Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to get dressed  than as a traditional Frankenstein’s monster? This easy-to-follow Frankenstein face paint tutorial is perfect for both boys and girls, of any age – whether you’re getting the kids prepared for trick-or-treating, or attending the annual office Halloween party, dare to scare with this fab green face!

Video presented and made by Isabel Crossman from Face My Paint. With thanks to James Harding.

Frankenstein Face Paint Tutorial

You Will Need

Frankenstein Face Paint Tutorial #Snazaroo #FacePainting

How to Make

  1. Sponge a base of Lime Green all over the face.
  2. Use the Grass Green to create shading on the face, by sponging paint into the hollows of the cheeks, eye sockets, down the side of the nose, along the base of the chin and up the sides of the forehead.
  3. Using a larger paint brush, paint a strong line of black along the forehead and outline the areas of dark green along the cheeks, chin and forehead. Using a clean sponge, blend and soften the lines of black paint using a dragging and sponging motion, blending it into the areas of darker green. This adds another depth of shading to the face.
  4. Using the same painting and sponging technique, draw a thick black line along the brow. Using a sponge blend the paint down into the eye sockets, focusing in particular on the inner corner of the eye. Add more black paint with the brush in the inner eye sockets if needed – the trick is to keep blending well with the sponge.
  5. Taking a medium sized brush and more black paint, paint little flicks up from the brow line to create big, bushy eyebrows.
  6. Using the Grass Green and a medium sized brush outline the nostrils and paint the top lip.
  7. With a small size brush and black paint, paint a few lines across the face to create the scars. Then paint dots along these lines (to look like stitch marks).
  8. Still using the black, paint along the bottom lip then continue the line up from the sides of the mouth, upwards along the cheeks. Then paint small lines across this line and across the lips, to create his stitched up mouth.
  9. Take the Bright Red and add blood to the scars by painting red along the black lines.
  10. Finally, for the bolts on his head, using the white paint a square with a triangle on the top and bottom on each temple. Then paint a circle of black in the middle of this. You can outline the white shape in black and use a sponge to blend it into the green to create added depth.

Frankenstein Face Paint Tutorial #Snazaroo #FacePainting

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