How to Make Flower Pot People

For our latest craft challenge we set four crafters the task of decorating terracotta pots, whether they be for in or outside the home, there are lots of different ways in which they can be decorated.

We gave all our craft challenge participants two terracotta pots, a selection of craft acrylic, buttons, twine, adhesive gems, ribbon and not forgetting some beautiful papier mache papers, along with a few items from their own craft stash, to see what they could come up with.

In our second installment Laura and Tia aka Little Button Diaries show us how to make the adorable flower pot people.

Over to Laura and Tia…

We love a challenge, especially a craft one! We decided to make something out of just a few items selected for us, and made a lovely little flower pot lady.

Mrs. Pot is easy to make, takes very little time, and is the perfect craft to do with little ones. You can be inventive with her hair – from cress and sprouts to flowers or lettuces – we decided to go for some baby spinach.  She’s a great way to introduce simple gardening to children and makes a cute addition to a nice sunny kitchen window.

How to Make Flower Pot People #flowerpot #diy #gardencraft

Suitable for : Beginners

Time to make : Under an hour

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. To make her arms, glue string onto the base of the smaller pot. Thread two large buttons on the ends of the string and secure with a knot. Turn the large pot upside down and glue the smaller one on top (right side up) to form a head and body.

How to Make Flower Pot People #flowerpot #diy #gardencraft

2. Attach googly eyes with glue, and paint on a little smile. Stick gems down the front of the larger pot to create buttons of a jacket, and glue ribbon around the base.

How to Make Flower Pot People #flowerpot #diy #gardencraft

3. Now to create her lovely floral wellies. Draw a pair of boots onto card and cover them with glue. Attach the string to each boot (cut at about 10 centimetres), then cover with papier mache paper. Glue the string to the inside edge of the larger pot.

How to Make Flower Pot People #flowerpot #diy #gardencraft

How to Make Flower Pot People #flowerpot #diy #gardencraft

4. Finally, plant cress, lettuce or whatever else you like into the flower pot to create hair, then find her a nice sunny indoor spot so that she can grow and grow.

How to Make Plant Pot People #plantpot #diy #gardencraft

How to Make Flower Pot People #flowerpot #diy #gardencraft

For more crafting ideas, baking goodies and toddler activities we’d love you to hop over and visit us at our blog, Little Button Diaries.

Tia & Laura x

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