How to Sew a Flower Bag

If you’re new to sewing or want a project to get you started book bags are the perfect beginners project. This pretty flower bag can either sewn by hand or on a sewing machine, it’s completely up to you.

Decorate with flowers cut from felt sheets and a pretty button and your bag is complete!

You will need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Cut fabric 40 centimetres by 90 centimetres. Press and hem the short sides.

2. Fold in half right sides together and hem the sides.

3. Use the template to cut flowers from the felt. Then draw and cut out leaves from the felt. Stitch to the bag front using contrasting embroidery thread, three strands per length.

4. Add a large button to the centre of each flower.

5. Cut two straps 48 centimetres by six centimetres. Fold in half lengthways right sides together, press and add a one centimetre hem along the long edge. Turn inside out. Tucking the raw end of the straps underneath, pin the straps in position on the bag and machine securely in place.

How to Sew a Flower Bag #Sewing

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