How to Make a FIMO Disc Necklace

How to Make a FIMO Necklace #JewelleryMaking #FIMO

FIMO is an incredibly versatile product you can use to make all sorts of projects, from model making to creating unique toppers for your cards and scrapbooking projects.

It’s also great for jewellery making, simply choose the colours you want and mould into your desired shapes. Pop in the oven and in next to no time at all you have yourself a hardwearing item you can turn into a wearable item of jewellery.

How to Make a FIMO Disc Necklace

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  1. Cut a large piece of FIMO clay of your chosen colour. Roll in your hands until the clay is warm.
  2. When the clay is rolled into a ball place on a smooth surface and roll into a sausage shape until the diameter of the sausage is the size of a ten pence piece.
  3. Using a sharp cutting knife cut the sausage into five millimetre segments.
  4. When you have your FIMO discs the cut edges will be quite hard so use your thumb and index finger to gently soften the edges. Place the disc on a baking tray and gently squash, repeating on the other side.
  5. Cut an eight centimetre piece of silver craft wire and gently push it through the disc. Place on a baking tray and repeat steps one to five until you have enough discs for your desired length of necklace.
  6. When your discs have been fired (as per instructions on packet) and have cooled, take the first disc of your necklace and bend the wire on either side into a 90 degree angle. This stops the wire from pushing out when you are creating the loops. Use a pair of round nose pliers and create a loop, wrap the excess wire around the base, them trim. Repeat for the other side of the disc.
  7. Take your next disc and repeat the process in step six, but before you wrap the loop pass the wire through the loop of the first disc to create a link.
  8. Continue steps six and seven until all the FIMO discs are linked together.

How to Make a FIMO Necklace #JewelleryMaking #FIMO

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