Festive Wooden Spoon Puppets

Hello there! Laura and Tia from Little Button Diaries here. With Christmas almost here we thought we’d share a nice, simple and quick tutorial on how to make some festive wooden spoon puppets. Perfect for your little ones to put on their very own Christmas panto. Read on to see how we made our little spoon characters – a reindeer, a Father Christmas, an elf and a snowman puppet.

Festive Wooden Spoon Puppet Tutorial

Time needed: half an hour per puppet

Suitable for: Beginners

You will need:

1. Begin by painting your spoons, one white, one brown, two pale pink.

christmas-spoon-puppets-little-button-diaries-1 christmas-spoon-puppets-little-button-diaries-2

2. Use the following template, printed to A4, and cut out your felt pieces as follows:

Snowman: Brown hat, red scarf and orange nose
Santa: Red hat, red jacket, white hat trim and white beard
Elf: Green hat, green jacket, white hat trim plus two ears from card


3. For the SNOWMAN, glue the scarf to the back of the spoon and wrap around the top of the handle, then glue at the front. Glue the hat onto the top of the spoon and the nose in the centre. Glue the eyes on and, using a black pen, mark a coal smile and buttons down the front.

christmas-spoon-puppets-little-button-diaries-9 christmas-spoon-puppets-little-button-diaries-8

4. For the REINDEER, to make an antler, twist a pipe cleaner into shape and glue onto the black of the spoon. Glue the eyes and red button nose onto the spoon. Draw on a little smile using a black pen.

christmas-spoon-puppets-little-button-diaries-7 christmas-spoon-puppets-little-button-diaries-6

5. For FATHER CHRISTMAS, glue the white trim to the front of the hat. Glue the beard onto the spoon and glue the hat on the top. Glue the corner of the hat down and sew on a bell.  Around the handle of the spoon, glue the red jacket. Glue two eyes on and add a smile using a black pen.

christmas-spoon-puppets-little-button-diaries-13 christmas-spoon-puppets-little-button-diaries-4

6. Finally, for the ELF, glue the trim onto the hat as above, then glue the hat onto the top of the head. Paint a little fringe on with brown paint. Glue the card ears onto the sides of the spoon and, when set, paint pink to match the face. Attach eyes and draw on a smile. Attach the felt coat as before.

christmas-spoon-puppets-little-button-diaries-10b christmas-spoon-puppets-little-button-diaries-12

All finished.Now, all together now, “he’s behiiiiiiind you….!”


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Tia & Laura xx

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