Felt Flower Brooch

Felt Flower Brooch #brooch #jewellerymaking #felt

Simple to make, this brooch would add a finishing touch to a jacket, hat or bag

Felt flowers are a great way to add extra interest to your wardrobe. This pretty rose-coloured brooch would liven up a jacket, or personalise a hat or bag. Why not make yourself a whole bouquet in different colours and transform your wardrobe?

Time to Make : Around one hour

Suitable for : Beginners

You Will Need How to Make
  1. Using scissors, cut a petal shape out of felt. Cut out around 18 shapes, increasing in size and starting from about 1 cm in height for the inner petals to about 2cm for the outer ones.
  2. To make the rose, pinch the smallest inner petal and glue the next petal facing inwards around it. Repeat this, working your way around until you’ve got an entire rose. Glue the yellow pom-pom in the middle of the fl ower.
  3. Use pinking shears to cut two leaf shapes from the lime green felt. Embroider the inner leaf veins, then pinch the ends and glue into place on the back of the rose.
  4. Cut a circle of felt around 5cm wide, glue it to the back of the rose to neaten it up and hold all the pieces together. 5 Glue or sew the brooch back to the middle of the circle, making sure it’s in the right position for pinning on your clothes.

Top Tip!

To make an evening version of this brooch, why not sew sequins on to the petals? Ring the changes by using different coloured felt, or a lightweight fabric. Make brooches in a variety of colours and use to dress up your wardrobe.

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