Felt Christmas Advent Garland Tutorial

Hello! It’s Laura and Tia here from Little Button Diaries. We’re in full festive mode now and this month’s project is a felt advent garland to be filled with 24 goodies in the countdown to Christmas. It’s pretty easy to make but it takes a little bit of time as you need to make 24! So get started nice and early.

You Will Need How to Make

1. Begin by printing out the template below to fit onto A4 paper. Using the red felt, pin and cut out 24 mittens and 24 stockings.

advent stockings little button diaries 1

advent stockings little button diaries 2

2. Cut strips of white felt for the trim. You want them to be half an inch wider than your felt numbers. Our numbers were 1 inch high, so we cut strips of felt 1 ½ inches wide.

advent stockings little button diaries 4 advent stockings little button diaries 5

3. Pin the trim to the top of the stocking/mitten and sew along the top and bottom with white thread using a sewing machine. You need to do this for every mitten and stocking so the trim is on the front and back. Don’t worry about the edges at this stage as they will be neatened later.

advent stockings little button diaries 7 advent stockings little button diaries 8

4. Pin the front and back (wrong sides together as they will not be turned) and sew using red thread along the edges leaving the top open. trim off the excess felt to create a neat edge.

advent stockings little button diaries 9 advent stockings little button diaries 11

5. Glue your felt number onto the front of the stocking/mitten on the white trim.

advent stockings little button diaries 12 advent stockings little button diaries 13

6. Cut 7cm of ribbon and fold in half to make a loop. Sew the loop onto the back wall of the stocking/mitten on the inside. Hand sew a bell onto the front. Then pin your advent calendar to baker’ twine and hang.

DIY Christmas Advent garland

Now all you need to do is find 24 mini gifts to fill your lovely advent with. A breeze!

DIY Christmas Advent garland

DIY Christmas Advent garland     DIY Christmas Advent garland

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Laura & Tia x


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