How to Sew a Fabric Cat Cushion

If you’re a cat lover you’ll love making this cushion, it could even be turned into a door stop if you prefer by adding a small bag of sand inside to help weigh it down.

Suitable for: Intermediates

You will need How to make

1. Cut the pattern pieces as shown on the template.

Download template here >

2. Iron the Heat n Bond onto the reverse of the oval face and heart shapes following the pack instructions.

3. Set the machine to satin stitch and using the black thread, add the nose and mouth to the face shape.

4. Adhere both pieces to the front part of the cat shape, then stitch them in place with pink satin stitch.

5. Place the cat shapes right sides together and stitch them using the ivory thread. Leave a 10cm gap for turning the cat inside out and for stuffing. Press.

6. Take handfuls of the stuffing and fill the cat until you are happy with the ‘feel’. Use the handle of a wooden spoon to push the stuffing into awkward areas.

7. Hand stitch the opening closed, then add a stitch or two to secure the cat’s tail to the body.

8. Finally, add the button eyes.

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