How to Make a Duck Tape Tablet Cover

How to Make a Duck Tape Tablet Cover #FathersDay #DuckTape

If you’ve not tried experimenting with Duck Tape yet, then you really need to give it a go! There are so many things you can make and do, from pencil cases and rosettes to book covers and cushions.

As Father’s Day is fast approaching I decided to make my Dad a Duck Tape tablet cover for his iPad . . .

How to Make a Duck Tape Tablet Cover

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 How to Make

1. Measure your device and then add two centimetres to both long sides and two and a half centimetres  to both short sides, just to make sure you get a nice fit. If you would like to make a case with a snugger fit you can always trim the case down later on.

Top Tip!

I drew out my template on paper first before starting, just to make sure it was going to be the right size before making it.

How to Make a Duck Tape Tablet Cover #FathersDay #DuckTape

2. Start by cutting strips of Duck Tape that are roughly 61 centimetres in length. I needed my case to be 23.5 centimetres wide so needed to cut six strips in total.

Top Tip!

I found it best to have a helping hand when doing this. One person to hold the end of the tape and another to cut.

3. Start with one strip of the Duck Tape sticky side facing up and then lay the second piece (also sticky side up) on top with it overlapping by five millimetres or so. Continue to overlap the remaining strips of tape in this way. This will form the back of the cover.

4. You then need to cut another five pieces of tape roughly 61 centimetres in length. Position these on top of the strips overlapped in the previous step so that both adhesive sides are facing each other.

5. Using a ruler measure the width of the Duck Tape ‘fabric’ that you now have, trimming it down to size so that it measures 23.5 centimetres in width. You will also need to neaten up both the top and bottom edges, use a ruler to ensure you get a nice straight line. When cutting the strips I allowed an extra 1 centimetre to allow for this, so the final height of the rectangle was 60 centimetres.

Top Tip!

Make sure you don’t trim off too much tape from the top and bottom as your case may end up being too small!

6. Run a strip of duckling tape along the top and bottom edge of the rectangle, with half on on the front and half on the back, this will conceal the raw edge of the Tash-Tastic tape.

6. Now it’s time to start assembling the cover! Start by measuring 26 centimetres from the bottom edge, and fold. This will form the front of the cover.

7. Measure eight centimetres from the top edge on the back of the case, and fold so that it overlaps the front section. This will be the flap that allows you to open and close the case.

8. Use Duckling Tape to tape the edges of the cover together.  Make a small snip at the tablet cover’s flap so that the opening isn’t restricted. Trim off any excess tape from the top and bottom of the cover.

9. To make the letters on the front of the cover, draw out the letters and moustache shape onto card, and cut out using a pair of scissors.

How to Make a Duck Tape Tablet Cover #FathersDay

10. Cover the letters and the moustache shape using the 24 Carat Duck tape, making sure to cut off the excess using a sharp pair of scissors.

11. Stick the letters and moustache to the case using double sided tape.

12. To hold the cover flap in place run a strip of self-adhesive Velcro along the underside of the flap. To ensure that the other half of the Velcro strip is positioned in the right place, stick this to the piece on the underside of the flap, remove the protective backing and then close the flap to secure it in place.

How to Make a Duck Tape Tablet Cover #FathersDay #DuckTape

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