Dragon Face Paint Tutorial

Dragon Face Paint Tutorial #FacePaint #Dragon

This dragon face paint tutorial could be the perfect costume solution for big and little kids alike this Halloween. And it’s so quick to do that this cute little beastie would make a fab design for any children’s party too.

Video presented and made by Isabel Crossman from Face My Paint. With thanks to James Harding.

Dragon Face Paint Tutorial

You Will Need

Dragon Face Paint Tutorial #FacePaint #Dragon

How to Make

  1. Take the Pale Blue and a medium sized paintbrush, paint a circle around one eye and fill in.
  2. Paint three flicks coming from the top of the circle, through the eyebrow and curving round to a point to create the dragon’s mane.
  3. Swoop the Pale Blue paint in a curve down the cheek, and fill in to make the line wider at the top towards the circle. This is the dragon’s neck.
  4. Next, keeping with the Pale Blue paint a circle on the tip of the nose, and a smaller circle on the nostril underneath, this is the bottom of the dragon’s nose and mouth.
  5. Paint a line up the nose connecting these circles to the circle around the eye. Fill this in.
  6. Then paint three small bumps along the top of the dragon’s nose and two small flicks coming out from the nostril / bottom of dragons mouth.
  7. Take the Bright Yellow and paint dashes along the inside curve of the dragon’s neck, making them smaller as you get to the bottom.
  8. Next, take the Royal Blue and use this to add definition by outlining the end of the nose, bumps along the nose, under the chin and eye and on the flicks at the top of the dragon’s head.
  9. Using the same brush and Royal Blue, continue the flicks of paint all the way down the back of the dragon’s neck to create the rest of his mane. Pressing the brush down hard and releasing the pressure to flick the brush up creates a nice pointed/flicking end to the brush strokes.
  10. Next take a smaller brush and the Electric Black. Paint a small dash for his nostril and then a line of small triangles going from the middle of the dragons nose up towards the eye to create his teeth.
  11. Then use the black to lightly outline the dragon’s body, paint around the yellow dashes and swoop the black down between the yellow dashes and the blue neck to create an outline for the yellow. If you want add two small flicks on the corner of the eye for eyelashes and an angry eyebrow above the eye (just two small lines, like the top of a triangle).
  12. Finally take the white, fill in the little triangles on the mouth for the teeth and add any highlights along the flicks of the dragon’s mane.

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